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My List....

The list of things I own that are Kevin Smith related:

Clerks *cartoons* Lunchbox
Clerks Soundtrack *courtesy of Tavis...oo la la*
Clerks special edition DVD
Clerks: Uncensored *cartoons* DVD
Clerks Cartoons Dante Inaction figure
Clerks Cartoons Randal Inaction figure
Clerks Cartoons Dante mini-poster

Chasing Dogma Comic
Clerks Comics (which Tavis has and lost..grr..)
Bluntman and Chronic Comic

Dogma DVD (I have 2 of them)

Mallrats Shirt (With quotes on the back)

What I want:

Everything else =)

So this is what it takes to make me happy..hahaha omg I'm a loser =P

*EDIT* Kat just pointed out my idiocy...shame Kat..shame ;)
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