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Didn't go to school today because..well, I didn't feel so good. But I went grocery shopping and actually was able to rent The Lion King 1 1/2...and you know what? I actually didn't think it was so bad. I was expecting something GOD AWFUL but it wasnt as bad as expected and I would actually consider buying it *after TLK 2 comes out on DVD of course* just to have it in my collection. =)

Sure the songs were..meh..but there weren't that many and I don't like songs as a rule anyways...but the animation was good, the substitute voices were fine, but I can't get over the Marge Simpson-y voice of Timon's mom. *that's her..right??? am I going crazy???* I half expected her to call him her "special little guy" =>

Okay, going to take a nap now and sleep off this yucky feeling of yucky-ness.
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