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*whew* what a day!

okay, ive been quite productive lately!
i finished pardos commission last night. have yet to scan it...its bigger than my scanner so i need to do some photoshop magic.
i also went to Michael's craft store today and bought lots of beads and stuff and made Tiff a necklace.
im also going to make Snow one for a trade for her art *as long as im making necklaces* i use these to relax and get the creative juices flowing aside from art.
im also going to put some up for sale when i make them, so keep your eyes peeled!
the supplies were rather expensive though *groan*
its cuz i use turquoise and silver and wood and all that. ah well, they look nice.

im getting going on some other commissions tonight and tomorrow. ill also get around to scanning stuff

k i love you buh bye!
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