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I'm in such a shitty mood right now.

Work was bad.

Net life is bad

Some manager in his car honked at me when I was walking through the parking lot (on the SIDE of the road) and scared the shit outta me so I jumped in FRONT of his car..and he proceeded to honk at me again. Just because I'm an underling doesnt mean you can honk at me like that.

Ken kept asking "are you okay? are you sure? are you okay? are you sure? okay? are you okay?" which made me only MORE aggravated....

Jason treats the women in the department like shit..but I don't think its personal..I think its just cuz he's mormon and they have a different view of women..but I know nothing about mormon life..please fill me in if he's just being sexist or if men are just supposed to be the "bosses and breadwinners".

I'm angry at a few people right now...but it will pass...

I'm tired. It rained...

But I talked to westly on the phone on the way home from work and there was much laughter and insanity and bitching. Thanks bud, I REALLY needed that =)
talked to Tavis too and he had a bad day too. *le sigh* now to go find a place that will deliver me hot food so i don't have to cook.
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