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Today has been productive, which makes me happy.

I finished sketching a commission I'm doing for my mom's friend's friend of her pet Weimaraner named Mariah. She lives on the Sea of Cortez..I need to find some photos of local plantlife but am not having much luck finding pics detailed enough. hrm..

I also am sketching a personal project I might work on. If I finish it in time (that is..if I finish it) maybe I can turn it in for the art show at AC along with "Bacchus". I also have another idea I want to work on..something simple yet close to my heart. We'll see how it goes.

I gave Jason his commission on Thursday (the sketch of the 2 people for the anniversary present) and he kind of pissed me off. First of all, he's still been treating me like shit as well as any other female co-worker, and I did a $50 job for him for $20 bucks!! I owe him NOTHING. *growls* Ken wasn't in on Friday, but I'm going to say something. Bigotry in the workplace will not be tolerated. If he asks me to accept a commission from him again, I'm going to say no, OR I'll charge him an arm and a leg. Haven't quite decided yet..

Tavis and I are going to shop for an airline ticket for him to come out during his spring break. Here's to hoping! =)
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