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Today was..interesting

So I went to McDonalds to get a mcgriddle breakfast thingy...and then the Feds showed up and arrested 4 people. I kid you not..there was crime afoot at the Mickey D's. What they did, I have NO idea..but it was pretty damn cool! The clerks didn't know what was going on...they only spoke spanish though so its not like I could get a straight answer.

Also, on my way to school I saw a fire on the hill by my school and had to call 911, which put my phone in "emergency" mode which meant that even though I had my ringer off, it was really loud in class when Tavis called. =P

Jaime and I went to Rubios after class and I got a lobster burrito and asked for "no salsa". There was salsa on it, so I took it back. They said.." you don't want salsa FRESCA?" apparently there are 2 kinds of salsa on the damned thing and even though I said "no salsa" they seemed to think that I wanted at least ONE of the two salsas on there. If it has the word "salsa" in the name..I don't fucking want it..okay? I ate all the lobster out of the burrito and much merriment was had..sans the salsa.

Also, my english class was cancelled because my teacher was sick.

The end!
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