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Just lookie at the fun stuff going down at anti_yerf

I love a good rumble as much as the next girl..but good god this must be a record!

Anyhoo..on another note. I'd like to address something to the people out there who have met me or will ever meet me IRL.

First, some background info:

I get a lot of flack for being short. If you must know, I'm 4'11" and pretty petite, and roughly armpit level with everyone. My boyfriend is a full foot taller than me and people often use me as an armrest.

People often try to pick me up or KNEEL DOWN to talk to me. Some people squat and often hurt themselves trying to be on eye level with me when speaking. People often ask me to sit on their lap and I don't tolerate that unless it's a my mate, my dad, or a close friend..but even with close friends I tend to keep my distance. know what? I'm sick and tired of it

This has been building up for quite some time, but I'm noticing that people treat me differently because of my height and its really annoying.

For example:

My co-worker, you know, the one that commissioned me for that pic of him and his wife? The way he talks to me is like he would talk to a little kid. He's only a couple years older than me too..he's in his early 20's.

When he needs something from me he not only hovers by my desk, but he kneels down to "my level" and talks to me that way. Does he do that for anyone else? No. He does it because I'm the "little" girl and I couldn't possibly hear what he's saying "way up there OMG!"

Bottom line: I don't stand on a chair or my tiptoes to talk to the rest of you, don't kneel or squat to talk to me unless you're proposing or tying my shoe for me. I find it offensive.

Tall people don't like it when you say "'re tall..hows the weather up there?!" skinny people don't like it when you say "move your skinny chicken leg ass!" fat people don't like it when you say "move over wide load", and short people don't like it when you say "hey short-stop, going to bite my ankles now?"

Thank you, and goodnight.
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