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Sprekken zee Ingles??

posted this in fantards

I got this in my inbox today. Could someone please translate? Is it German? Swedish?? I am so confused..

Hallo aus Dusseldorf,
Hi ich wolte sagen das ich wölfe über alles liebe und mir dein wolfsbild sehr gefallen hat super süßes bild du bist aber auch sehr schön eine echt süße frau

The thing is, it could be a legitimate e-mail that isnt fantarded at all and I don't know how to respond =P

I think this has to do with the fact that awhile ago my art was stolen and displayed on a German furry site with a link to my e-mail. It's still there..I don't really care cuz its not like anyone's claiming it as their own or anything..but jeeze they should put a notice "This artist does not speak anything other than english". =P

The word Dusseldorf sounds familiar.

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