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poor tavis

i told you he hurt his finger, now he cant feel it. *sighs* god this upsets me. he calls me and its like *hi hows your day wuffy girl i dont have feeling in my left index finger* =P
this worries me. though several times i, as well as friends of mine and his have lost feeling in areas that have been injured and have regained feeling weeks or months later. once i had really bad rope burn *its also how i met my first boyfriend but thats beside the point* after playing tug o war. i burned my hands pretty bad and couldnt feel my palms or my fingers for MONTHS. i cried about it once im mostly just upset me though and i couldnt hold a pencil right. then one day i could feel again.
do any of you have some words of encouragement/knowledge that could help me be at ease that my mates finger will be okay? *stresses*

im eating PB and J toast when i havent had it since i was in the single digit ages. i never really liked it but mom decided that we should have it as a snack..she doesnt like it much herself. viola! its yummy! i think its the blackberry jam ;)
mmmmmm *crunch*
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