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I have to say it..I simply have to say it..I am fucking sick and tired of the MLP/Carebears/ OMG Rainbow Brite obsessions. I'm all for the 80's, but when you walk into Hot Topic and see people that weren't even ALIVE when they came out the first time going "OMG this is SO hardcore" I die a little inside. I don't have a desire to mourn my lost childhood, I'm an adult now..I tried that and it didn't work, it just made me feel pathetic. I posted this in the Yerf Forums in the MLP thread..I'm probably going to get flamed for it, but you know what? I don't care..I'm not attacking anyone, its my opinion.

I used to be a very big fan of MLP, and have fond childhood memories of them and was quite into the cartoon.

However, I do not like this whole "bring back the 80's" trend with toys and merchendise that would normally be aimed at children, but is aimed at the aging *born/lived in the 80's* generation. As much as I love the 80's (with a passion) I'm not in any hurry to go out buying mlp and carebears just because I am mourning my lost childhood. Hot Topic for example...*which I hope won't start a new topic within this topic* gives me the impression of a bunch of trendy/goth people who didn't even LIVE through most of the 80's going "OMG MLP is SOOOOOO freaking HARDCORE!" I'm sorry, but when one wears a super baggy Hot Topic sweatshirt that sports a cute fuzzy bear with a cloud on his stomach and a heart on his rear does /not/ allow me to take them seriously and I /certainly/ don't view them as "omg HARDCORE". I shudder at the thought that my precious memories have turned into /that/. Sure we can all feel nostalgic, and it's fun, collect away if you have the means, everyone needs some fun in their life..but I'm almost 19 year's old. I have rent to pay, I cant be spending it on toys I'm never going to play with, even if they are fun to look at.

I'm not ranting or venting..I guess I just don't understand the obsession.

Wolf stuffed animals on the otherhand..well..there's an addiction. *Shamefully scoots away having revealed her weakness*

So, in short, I'm not against MLP or Carebears or whatever in /any/ way..I'm against what they have /become/. I seriously don't like feeling that my childhood memories mean nothing now that they're now available to the public who won't appreciate them the same way I did when I was younger.

There. I said it.
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