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ART DUMP! *thpppppprrt*

Okay that was gross..

I wanted to upload this yesterday but my English class ran late. We had to watch "Remains of the Day"..and good GOD what a boring movie. 0_o don't read the book..its far worse.

Anyhoo, onto the fart..I

WW1 soldiers in an ink wash - in art class we had to take samples of other artists's pen and ink drawings and basically copy them. I don't agree with that, but I added my own flare

Soldier in pen - another example of the above description. I really like this one

The real reason for gas masks - Okay now I'm just being silly....I did this in the car while waiting for my english class

My Little Thorny - I jumped on the bandwagon. Help me. =P

Shamu in mysterious ways - *sings* Its alright, its alright..allllright...SHAMU....IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS ohh hooooo! I misheard the lyrics to U2's "She moves in mysterious ways" juuuust a little.

SHROOM-LAH!!!! - Tapir tapir tapir tapir MUSHROOM MUSHROOM! I think its really funny when people misspell "Shoom'lah". Heh heh heh..shroooooooms....

Allergy Season - Spring is in the air..turning an otherwise enjoyable art class into a miserable snort-fest.
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