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Yesterday I was going to go meet gearpony for coffee, but plans changed. We ended up going to the movies to see Jersey Girl and I brought plague_dog with me.

gearpony is so freaking cool! =D I hope I didn't scare you too much. I tend to get kind of intense/bouncy when I meet people for the first time out of shyness *you'd think I'd be more reserved then..hrm

Jersey Girl was good. TOTALLY not what I had expected from a Kevin Smith flick, but it had its charm. Not my favorite movie but it was one of those "awww how cute!" types of things.

Spoilers and commentary under the cut

At first I thought it was going to be a craptacular "Bennifer" movie and since I can't stand J-lo OR Ben Affleck I was a little turned off to the movie, although both did an awesome performance, and good news, J-lo's character dies within the first 15 minutes of the flick.

The little girl was SO freaking cute though! It made me go "awwww I want a daughter!" which is a bad thing in a way, but she kept the movie going.

It was kind of the "feel good movie" of the year but it was super-predictable.

It's about a guy who learns that family is more important than work yadda yadda, but I think Kevin Smith should stick to his usual disgusting sense of humor and wit. Sap is just not his forte.

Being a new father I'm sure he was compelled to do something "kid friendly" but still..I'm going to miss Silent Bob.

And..while almost everyone in all the previous view askew movies was in there, KS didn't make a cameo! I think he did that cuz we'd probably expect it. I think his wife was in it though. Brian O'Halloran/Jason Mewes...actually NONE of the Clerks characters were in it..but Matt Damon and Jason Lee and George Carlin were. George Carlin did a good job. Totally new role for him.

Tavis saw it and he said he's tired of 7 year olds knowing more about life than he does..which I can completely agree, since there were quite a few "peanuts" moments where the little girl just knows WAY to freakin much for a kid her age.

If youre a Smith fan, go see it, but go see it without expecting the typical stuff.

Afterward we all went to Red Robin and got something to eat and sketched stuff in our sketchbooks *I'm an idiot and left mine in the car, but I drew in gearpony's *

Hope we can hang out again sometime!!

Anyhoo, afterwards I was supposed to bring Reagan home but since it was 11:30 at night and I didn't feel like driving for 40 minutes on a winding road he came over to my house and slept on the couch. My roomie was having a lengerie and dildo party so we were having a few guests over anyways, plus there was funky squishy wall-walker fake dicks we got to throw against the wall and dirty playing cards. Even though that stuff is amusing, I'm glad I wasn't there for that. I'd feel way too uncomfortable with that stuff when I'm not around my own friends, since my roomies like to make fun of me for being young. =P

Not to mention,they were all drunk and stupid acting and Stephanie, one of Elisha's friends, practically sat on my lap and shoved penis cards in my face. Yeah..that's attractive.

Now its morning and I'm sitting her waiting for Tavis to wake up so I can talk to him and waiting for Reagan to wake up so I can take him home when I go down south to Rancho Bernardo.

Gah I wanna go back to sleep...I wake up way too early >_
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