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Not every couple is perfect, nor is every relationship. Yet, out of all the "relationships" I've ever had, I don't think I've ever been the happiest with someone, nor have I ever really felt so healthy while being in a relationship.

Tavis doesn't make me feel bad about myself or my body, but loves me just the way I am..frizzy hair or not. He supports me in my decisions that will be good for me *like going to art school* rather than mocking me for not finding a "real job". He will tell me if he feels I'm making a wrong decision instead of just "yes-ing" me and telling me "I told you so" when I screw up *and I almost always do, especially when I don't listen to his bad* He's always there for me when I'm down, but is always there for me to stop me before I do anything stupid...*and I tend to do very stupid things*. He worries for me when other's don't seem to give a shit, and I always get the feeling he means the best for me.

Even though we have our arguments as most couples do, we always know when to say we're sorry, especially when we know we were wrong, and that's probably one of the things I like most about us.

Tavis, I love you, and I'm sorry I'm such a butthead =)
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