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*sings* Bullets killed the radio star

Guess what....Thorny was on the radio yesterday!

Here's what happened:

On 91x *a local station here* the morning show has this "truth or dare thursday" thing where they put their intern, Clint, in really stupid situations for entertainment value. For example: one time they made him wear a thong and rollerblades and made him skate in front of Gay-mart in Hillcrest *the local gay community* all morning. Last week they made him do pool hopping where he just went into strange peoples backyards, jumped in their pool and hauled ass out of there before he got caught.

This week, since they had Johnny Knoxville as a guest recently promoting the new Jackass movie, they were going to shoot Clint in the chest with a gun, while he was wearing a bulletproof vest (ala Jackass)

Now, working in the bulletproof vest business, I felt I was SOME sort of authority and called in with my protest.

The operator handed me over to Chris Cantore, the host of the Brand X morning show and we talked abit about why I thought it was a bad idea.

My thoughts:
-It's not wise to put someone in a situation that is known to be harmful
-though the vest may stop the bullet from killing you, it hurts pretty fucking badly
-shards of the vest might enter the body
-depending on the age of the vest there may be a malfunction
-depending on what brand there may be a malfunction. Recently, a competetor of ours had a penetration in their vests which ultimately led to the death of I believe 2 or 3 officers

Chris said:
"Well what if we use 2?"

I jokingly said "I don't know if double bagging would help"

he said " that an industry term?" =) I just laughed

So, 20 minutes later I got to hear myself be a total ass on the radio. Isn't that fun? And you know what I realized? When I get nervous I have a very heavy Californian accent. The boppy kind. I feel sorry for anyone who has to meet me for the first time and never talk to me again...gah I hate my voice!!

But, they aired it again today with my comments as well as those from naval officers and law enforcement officers that have been shot, and despite their warnings, they went ahead and did it anyways. I didnt get to hear the outcome *I'm sure I would have heard if he died* but I hope to god the whole thing was a big April Fool's prank.

I told dad when I got to work and he said "Gah what an idiot! I hope to god theyre not using our vests!"

Not saying our vests are bad of course, but with ill treatment like that you never know what can go wrong =P Not to mention they were doing it in someones backyard *groan*

People are morons..but at least I got my 15 minutes in the spotlight.

I think I'm going to not talk for awhile..or at least train myself to speak better.
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