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Tavis is going to be here at 1:30 today for a conjugal visit =)

I'm going to be scarce for the next week *until about Sunday or Monday* so if I don't show up in my usual haunts, LJ included, don't be surprised.

Should you see me online, please please please respect my away message (for once) since Tavis and I are probably just looking at something online real quick and not going on to talk.

I will not be able to review Yerf apps this week (unless I somehow get a chance to do so Tuesday when I'm on my lunch break at work), so have fun you guys and I'll see you in a week!

Oh and plague_dog it wasn't your American Tail CD, it was "Vast" that you left in my car, so if you havent found it I hope you do cuz it's not in my CD changer. I'll call you before I bring Vast over, exchange it for my Queen cd (damn you) ;), and let you meet Tav.

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