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Much fun!

So yesterday I hung out with gearpony and much fun was had! We met at the mall even though it was pouring rain and meant I had to walk outside *gasp* and I got some good coffee and some decent fudge. We sat and talked about all that is wrong with the furry fandom for about 3 hours, then I wanted a hot dog on a stick, so we got that, I ate it, and we ranted some more.

Then we went back to her car because were going to go to see what was shakin' in Old Town before the antique shops closed, but genius left her lights on and her battery died. The mall cops were nowhere to be found and we ended up chasing a security guard all over the parkinglot, but after a trip to the customer service desk we finally got someone to help us, who arrived just as Gutter's mom arrived to assist us if we needed anything.

So, her car was jumped and I wanted to go back to my house to check on Jesse because I had given her a huge ass steak bone to munch on and I didn't want to come home to a dead dog who choked to death. She was fine, and she had eaten the whole thing in 4 hours..surprise surprise 0_o I'll give her the other one tomorrow.

Gutter and I decided that there is nothing to do in old town so we drove around ranting about the furry fandom some more. *its our favorite subject because even though I'm a part of it, you have to admit most of it is trekkies*

We went to the market, got some frozen pizza, went back to her house and ate it, where we went online and surfed Yerf for a bit, checked out some new applicants and uploads and she let be borrow a LIBRARY of art books. THANKS GUTTER!! Seriously, she let me borrow like..50 anatomy books and stuff so I'm definitely going to be drawing quite a bit this week and brushing up on mah skillz.

Glad we got to hang out! =D Even though you bring on the bitch in me, har har har!

Today, i was supposed to clean house but I didn't. I sat on my fat bum all day eating easter candy, my roommates food *they're gone* and watching Pocahontas 2, 100 greatest comics, and Romy and Michelle's highschool reunion.

Oh..I watched Daredevil yesterday..and I assure you it was only because of the Kevin Smith cameo.

That is all. =)

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