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So..yesterday I kept eating because people kept feeding me.

First of all, I bought donuts for the department because it was my turn to bring something in. Secondly, one of my co-workers bought me lunch because I brought donuts and they felt bad (mm jack in the box), and then one of the managers of another department's like "hey Nicole, I brought you Pizza!!" So i ate it so i didn't offend. It was tasty, but VERY greasy.

All day long I kept swearing I'm going to go on a diet this weekend..and everytime I munched on something, Randy or Amy would be all "tomorrow, right Nicole?" Bleh.

Then gearpony bought me coffee cuz she owed me 5 bucks..and then we went to Red Robin where I had an appetizer, and she had a burger, but asked for no onions, and they gave her onions, so we got 50% off because she said she was allergic. I also got more cheese on my nachos which I didn't eat because I started feeling like I was going to throw up for some reason. Must have been all the crap I ate yesterday =P

So hanging out with Gutterhorse was fun..and we've decided that the word "Dook" is the sound our eyeballs make when they fly out and hit the windshield of the car when you sneeze while driving and/or stop too fast. *dook* Either that or its the new furry word for "shit". ie: "And then I dooked all over the place because I ate chili" and "Dude..that chili gave me the dooks". It works for projectile vomit too.

Oh, and mall security is our friend because they drove us to our cars after the m all closed. Mall parking lots are scary and the mall cop didnt want us walking around the mall by ourselves. Thats like the second time we've had to call mall security dammit! At least Gutter didn't leave her lights on =P

And, I got some new art supplies. YAAAAAAY! And a mat cutter YAAAAAAY! and an eraser that supposedly smells like marshmallows but I havent opened it to find out yet. YAAAAAAY! And 2 sketchbooks. Huzzah! *didnt say Yay*

Tavis is being really really weird right now...*bites*

Oh..and I finished kaffe's ornament. I might post it on Devart later if I feel like it.
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