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We made another save!!

My company's vests saved another life =D

This was on the news:


Police put their lives on the line every day. That was

evident this weekend. A bar shooting in downtown Oklahoma

City ended with a suspect dead and two officers injured.

(Visual of Rio Bravo Bar Sign)

One of those officers was shot square in the chest. The

thing standing between him and death may have been his

bullet-proof vest. Our Mark Myers shows us what makes

today's vests better than ever. That's First on Fox


MARK MYERS reporting:

This slow motion video is amazing. It shows how body armor

stops a bullet.

Sgt. BLAKE WEBSTER (OKC Police): The body armor, the way

it's designed to stop the round is to take the energy away

from the round as it impacts and spread that energy out

over the vest so that it doesn't actually penetrate or make

it through the vest.

MYERS: The vest is being credited for saving Officer Kyle

Bennett. He was with Officer Chad Vantulgen at this

Southside bar, when a man opened fire on them. Oklahoma

City uses XTREME X Body Armor.

(Visual of XTREME X Body Armor)

It's partially made of a light weight, bullet resistant

material called zylon. Now, it's amazing how far technology

has come, that something so light and pliable can actually

save an officer's life. Comparing the XTREME X to an

earlier generation vest used by Oklahoma City police, the

biggest complaints on the old vests, they were too bulky

and uncomfortable.

This one bends like this, and that one you can't even bend,

really. X makes it more comfortable.

Unidentified Man: Right, durability and flexibility.

MYERS: The vests can be worn up to five years, and cost

about $600 each. Police say that is a bargain, especially

now, when you consider the life saved.

Sgt. WEBSTER: The officer is at home. He's not in the

hospital, and that's what we look for. He survived, and he

is able to go home to his family and his children. That's

what we look for in officers wearing body armor.

MYERS: A point which has hit very close to home for

officers in Oklahoma City. Mark Myers, Fox 25 News.

OSBURN: Bennett's chest is bruised, but he is doing just

fine. As for Officer Vantuglen, he was shot in the arm. He

is also recovering at home. Now, the policy on wearing the

vests varies, depending on the department. Oklahoma City

police and Oklahoma County sheriffs are required to wear

them. Midwest City police are required to wear them, except

when it is more than 95 degrees outside. Edmon and Norman

police are issued vests, but don't have to wear them. The

same is true for Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers.

Now, as for the investigation, we still don't know the name

of the suspect. Police say he got into a fight inside the

Rio Grande Bar. Managers kicked him out, but he returned

with a gun. He fired at the officers in the parking lot.

Two bystanders were caught in the cross-fire. One of those

bystanders was 50-year-old Connie Atilano. She was shot in

the back of the arm, of her right arm. As you can see, the

bullet passed all the way through. Atilano says one second

she was outside with a friend, the next bullets were


Ms. CONNIE LOU ATILANO (Victim): We was outside for maybe

10 minutes, and then we heard boom, boom, boom. You know,

cops were everywhere, and they was like, get down, get

down, get down! I got shot.

OSBURN: Atilano and the second bystander, a man who was

inside the club, were treated and released from the

hospital. Oklahoma City's new bilingual unit played an

important role in sorting out what happened that night.

Officer JUAN BALDERRAMA (OKC Police Bilingual Unit):

Probably about 85 percent of the people in there were

Spanish speaking only. They spoke no--very little or no

English. So what we had to do was, we had to take them out

one by one individually, and do an interview with them.

OSBURN: The unit's work was cut out for them because there

were more than 100 people inside. They were able to gather

important information about the shooting and hand it off to

homicide investigators.
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