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End of vacation update and ART-ness

Dad and I had an excellent vacation just the two of us at Lake Havasu. Being spring, it wasnt too hot so we didn't stick to the leather seats in the car or the vinyl on the boat. Dad also bought a new beach cruiser bike that matches the boat and matches the other beach cruiser (you have to our lakehouse..EVERYTHING in the garage/boat accessories/yard tools match the black white and silver). We took the beach cruisers down to the pool which was a really nice breezy ride. I haven't been on a bike in years and I've only ridden mountain bikes..I've found a new love!! Too bad the hilly ride back gave me a massive leg cramp..I'm so out of shape.

The pool was wonderfully warm and it was nice to just hang out under the water and pretend I am a water dragon..I'm a tard like that sometimes. I "fly" under the water =>

Speaking of dragons, I had to do a project for my Adobe Illustrator class where I needed to design a box design for a tea brand, beer, wine or coffee. I chose tea. Dad and I collaborated as I was finishing up the overall design. It was called Jade Dragon Organic Tea ( sue me), and I had the dragon completed but was having difficulty with the composition. Dad worked with me on the overall composition and I designed a border, he helped me with the placement, dimensions and research and viola! We came up with this:

I think Dad and I make a pretty good team =) I can't wait to turn it in tomorrow.

The lake was pretty chilly but it wasn't so bad in the London Bridge channel. We just sat and ate hardboiled eggs (I'm on a low carb diet and so is he..I've been good all week I swear!) We brought the dog but left her at home, since she can't stand swimming and she's not too interested in the doggy life-vest we bought her.

Dad and I watched Cinema Paradiso, an Italian foreign flick about a boy who becomes a projectionist in a town where movies were the only entertainment....its very good, you should watch it! Some hot and heavy Italian sex scenes warned 0_o We also watched the first DVD in Dad's Pink Panther box set. *squee!* We also made a big tasty diet conscious steak-dinner and I ate an entire porterhouse, caesar salad and an entire artichoke! Piggeh! Also I've come to realize that if they made artichoke flavored mayonaise I would eat it by the spoonful. I'm gross. =9

Overall it was an excellent trip, very relaxing indeed. I need to spend a week there, one weekend, even a 4 day weekend, goes by too slowly. I also got to talk to Dad a little more than I usually get to with June and the girls around. I kind of like it when its just being an only child I'm used to the one on one attention. Random fact, I also learned that dad is a certified teacher in the state of Utah..who'da thunk? 0_o

On the way home from June's after having some delicious taco salad June made (from my mom's recipe!), I noticed an orange glow on the horizon and the delicious smell of mmm.....buuuuurning.....hit my nose. There's a big ass fire on one of the Indian reservations around here. I'm kind of nervous but I think its far enough back that it won't get near my property..but I'm worried about Reagan, I'm not sure how far the fire is from him. plague_dog if you read this, respond and let me know the stats if you know anything, I wanna know which direction its going. Fucking California brush...that's what we get for being a desert with plants.

I love the smell though. If it weren't hazardous I'd open my window and let the fumes in.

Ok going to bed so I can turn in my project proudly tomorrow. *yawn*
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