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EWWW my hands are covered in my own nose mucus! *wipes on the dog*

I've tried a bunch of allergy medications and took Tavis' advice (well..technically his friend Chris') and took Claratin-D. I got the 24 hour non drowsy tablets..but I just took one so it hasn't kicked in yet. So far I find Nyquil works pretty well, but then again, I'm asleep so I cant tell if its actually working. I think Elisha put my dayquil somewhere. Whenever things disappear around here I never ask where they are..I just kind of sulk to myself and buy a new..whichever it was.

Jason is tearing up the back yard to put in cement, a lawn, a brick wall, and a jacuzzi. The brick wall wasnt in the original plan, but after he started destroying the yard he realized all the dirt on the hill need to be supported with something other than a bunch of railroad ties *what we have now*. He broke a water pipe yesterday and we were without water for an entire day. I was pissed...not because I drink water, but because that meant if I had to use the toilet I couldn't flush, and I'm a very modest person so that just did NOT go over well with me. Also, i needed to take a shower because I reeked really really bad. Hey..its hot here, I'm entitled to stink a little =) *stink lines go up from my head*

Watched the History channel all day yesterday and watched History's Mysteries, 3 specials, one on Frankenstein, one on Werewolves, and one on Dracula. I still say I'm very fascinated with Vlad the Impaler, why am I always interested in the "bad boys"? *shrugs* Ah well.

We watched the Boris Karloff version of "Frankenstein" in class the other day and I must say it gave me an interest in those types of movies. I've always thought they were so hokey..and yeah..they are..but theyre inpsiring =) Maybe I'll do some storyboards from it..I still have to rent "the Bride of Frankenstein" because we didn't get to finish it in class. Good effects for the time period!

But of course, my first love will always be "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". *drool*

In other news, I've been trying to contact a storyboard artist my dad met at a Starbucks for an interview. NOt a job interview, I just want to ask him questions about how schooling for storyboarding works, how good the job market is, etc etc. Basically just general questions about the field. He's not returning my calls. >_< I bet if I said I was going to throw money at him he'd call me back..but whatever. If it bothers him that much to drive a couple of miles to meet me at a coffee shop I'd settle for a phone interview..but eh. I guess he's busy. Someone called me when I was at work the other day, but the number was blocked so i couldnt tell who it was. If that was him I'm going to kick myself, because I wasn't at work per se, I was at Hooters with my co-workers and could have easily answered, but didn't for fear of getting trapped in a conversation in a loud room. Good chicken wings though. *licks chops* What, you think I go there for the boobehs??

Okay the Claratin is making my stomach hurt. Better go stand by the toilet and/or trashcan in case I have to spit it back up. There's a lovely thought for you..
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