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Oi I have a massive headache and I don't know why. *cringe*

In regards to my last post
Thank you to all who replied and to all who took the time to find my e-mail address because I'm a moron and thought I set anonymous posting to "allowable" but obviously didn't. I appreciate your truthful words, and hope you find my response acceptable. =) I guess I'm not hated and am just paranoid and misunderstood. After all, it /is/ the internet and because of the lack of human emotions *save for emoticons* and tone of voice, things get misconstrued quite easily. Ah well.

Now for my actual post:

Well the Claratin worked, but unfortunately it made me breathe TOO well so now my nasley is all sore from free breathing and I'm suffering from dry mouth. However I'm VERY grateful that I won't suffocate in my sleep which is always a Chris and Tavis, thank you so so so much for the suggestion..I'm happy with the results =) *loves*

Happy Mother's Day to all it applies to. I'm such a slacker I got my cards last minute but surprisingly I was able to get some nice ones. I also was able to find a coyote beanie babie. At least I think its a coyote, his name is "Slick" and his poem is REALLY stupid, something about him liking detective books and when good guys catch the crooks or someshit. Not very coyote like poem-wise but you gotta see this thing..if its not a coyote I have no idea what it is. Input?

Went to visit Grandma today, and we had a very nice visit! She's doing very very well and recovering nicely. For those of you who don't know, I wrote awhile back that grandma had to be rushed to the hospital and stayed there for a couple of weeks. She had "Valley Fever" which is caused by spores that live in the dust and are stirred up by a light rain, some people have a violent allergic reaction to it *like my grandma* and need to be hospitalized and have fluid drained from their lungs like pneumonia, but most people suffer mild flu like symptoms. She's on the mend though and getting stronger every day!

After I saw Gram, Jesse and I went to moms house to visit. Mom's husband, Mike, watched the dog when we went to go see a movie. We saw 30 going on 13. Meh. I wanted to see "Mean Girls" but it had already started by the time we got there. The actress was cute though, and the little boy version of her best friend Matt looked EXACTLY like mine and dravalen's friend Ryan, sans the sandals and grimey baseball hat. Weird.

I was going to take mom out to dinner after the movie *I payed, yay matinee prices!* but we weren't very hungry and my mouth was incredibly dry so I broke my diet and got a soda from Taco Belch and we got some Cholupas. Mmmmmmm I love those things.. *drools*

I love my visits with mom. We talk about a lot of things and we never seem to run out of things to say. I'm happy I have such a good relationship with my parents, I don't understand why most girls are rude to their moms..oh wait..yes I do....I was in that position just last year >_< Nevermind. I think its best I moved out. Remember that kiddies, next time you and your mom fight, just think you'll be best friends as soon as youre not living together! Er...maybe. Too many women in a cramped space is just NOT fun.

I started work on taking one of gearpony's images from her dev-art gallery and redoing it in vectors for shits and giggles like I promised her I would. Hope you don't mind, Gutter, I'm adding some shading on the mane and tail and tweaking some things slightly, you'll get full credit for the line work. I'm shit-tastic at horses. => I should have that finished in a couple of days school willing.

Speaking of art, I have that Weimaraner commission I need to finish but I want to put the sketch up *with reference photos of the actual dog* up on yerf for critique and suggestions. When people ask me to draw their pets they always pick several different bizarre angles of their pet to take pictures of and expect me to compile it into one solid being. Its an older dog, so I'd imagine she'd be a little chubby and stocky, at least from what I've gathered from the pictures, but thats just it..if I DONT do it right, its not going to look like THEIR pet. Like I'd know /my/ dog from any other bichon out there...sticky situation I'm in. meh. No more pet portraits for awhile after this. Beautiful dog..but god, its difficult!

Okay, I've babbled too much. Funny how I've been writing more serious entries lately. Can you tell I'm avoiding work? *giggles*
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