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So my drivers liscence expires tomorrow, my birthday. Yay. I completely forgot about it until Tuesday so I decided to go into the DMV around work right when it opened. I got to work, picked up my stuff and left for the DMV and got there RIGHT when it opened. I got a parking spot right in the front, got my number and was called.

$24 bucks for a new liscence, and guess what, I left my checkbook at home and they don't take ATM. WHAT PLACE DOESN'T TAKE ATM NOWADAYS! This is the 21st century, people don't carry cash anymore! Oh wait, I forgot, the DMV is always in the process of "trying to keep up" with the times.

No biggie, I'll just go to the nearest ATM. Where's the nearest ATM you ask? Not down the street, not a couple of blocks away..its towards the mountains on Route 66 *yeah, the historic one* and of COURSE its a Bank of America instead of a Wells Fargo one so I have to pay a buck fifty to get my own money out...then I have to drive back, and of course by the time I get back, I have to take a new number and wait 40 minutes.

On the way back to work I get Jack in the Box, my breakfast sandwich tastes like coffee and my orange juice was still frozen. *grrrr!*

Then, Dad logs on to MSN messenger and goes "oh yeah, forgot to mention they only take cash."

*stomp stomp stomp*

Well, all I have to do now is wait for my retarded picture to come in the mail, and wouldn't you know it I have that stupid "We built this city" song stuck in my head. Today is just not my day...I hope my birthday is better.
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