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My birthday got even better =D

Dad bought burritos for the whole department *TASTY home made ones from a hole-in-the-wall Mexican food you know its good* and Ken (my boss) bought me a cake that had candles that said "19" on them and they sang and we ate cake and it was tasty and I was happy =)

Ken and his wife bought me a silver and gold bracelet with hearts on it. It's really cute, although it obviously can't replace the one Tav gave me, it matched my outfit I was wearing yesterday so I was happy *wiggles*

They also had a card for me but they forgot to give it to me, lol ah well.

After work I went over to June's house for a steak dinner...mmmmm rare top sirloin *drools*

Also on a really bizarre note:

My dad's a marketing strategist so his job is to come up with ways to better sell something/ help a company become more efficient and improve how a product is viewed by the public/introduced to the public. People are always asking his advice on stuff, and a friend of his has a friend who invented a new kind of skateboard. Its so cool! Its like if you were to take a skateboard and a rollerblade and combine the two. Its basically a skateboard, that has a pivoting front end so you steer by turning your foot rather than leaning, and get this....the wheels are in-line. 0_o

Hard as hell to ride but April was riding it pretty well there for awhile, and once you get going its the coolest thing ever! The guy gave dad one so he can try it out..

Well, dad called the Rollerblade company and pitched the product to them, so pretty soon you might be seeing a new Rollerblade product and/or genre of skating =)

Last night, gearpony and I got ice cream and went to see Van Helsing. My opinions are under the cut, beware of spoilers


Okay I'm all inspired and shit...Hugh Jackman makes an awesome wuffy and I think the only way it could have been better was if he had a tail.

The movie itself alright. I'm glad I didn't pay money for it..(Gutter and I had a free night..she had coupons for ice cream and I had movie passes)

I liked the storyline and the concept behind it all. The fact that they had how Igor went from Dr. Frankenstein to be Dracula's assistant was really cool because I always noticed how Igor was kind both stories in some variations and it bothered me how he could be 2 places at once.

I actually liked the Frankenstein monster..he made me feel sorry for him!! aroo roo roo! And Hugh Jackman was cute as can be..

I didn't like how that chick's brother as a werewolf had those funny little bunny ears though..looked too stylized..icky.

So yeah, overall, the general storyline was good, but how it was presented was kind of dumb. The part where VanHelsing and that chick are rolling around on top of each other while being attacked by vampires seemed a little gratuitous for me, I always think that the lame excuses to have people mock-hump each other is dumb dumb dumb. Also, some of the humor in it was amusing, but the rest of it seemed forced. It also bothered me how much it reminded me of CSI, where they supposedly KNOW how things work (they should anyways), but they explain it for the sake of the the cardinal explaining what their little secret order is...can we say "duh"?
Also, things moved a little too quickly in general.

So, yeah, I'd buy it for the werewolf. =>

Anyhoo, thanks again everyone for the birthday wishes. =)

Here's the presents I got.

Mom and Dad - digital camera
Tavis - unknown cuz i havent opened it
Randy - $20 gift certificate to Aaron Brothers
Ken and Pat - bracelet
Gutterhorse - Silent Bob action figure *that really talks omg!*

*squees and goes to play with her silent bob action figure....I'm gonna make him kiss Dante and Randal! eeee!*
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