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Thornwolf doing medical illustrations? What is this cruel cruel world coming to?!

This was amusing..well..for me. In my Adobe Illustrator class we had to do a medical illustration of a different body part (yes..human..I asked)...and I chose the lungs because someone already did the heart. Just as well, I get grossed out by organs and the lungs aren't as red and gooshy.
We had to show where it was on the body, give a detailed view, and explain how they work visually and with little blurbs like you would under each illustration had it been in a real book. Now, the original assignment was to format it how you would in an actual book, but she changed that. I did it anyways, loosely, because my illustrations were so miniscule *loser* heh =)

Anyhoo, here's what I came up with.

Breathe in...breathe out...

What's weird is, I got to class that morning, only 3 people showed up at the time the final was due. Me, my friend Ryan, and some other foreign chick *who wasn't done with hers*. As the rest of the class showed up, they said that they weren't finished either =P Good god!

So mine was one of the only completed ones in the class, and she critiqued mine first and said "Everyone I want you to come over here and critique Nicole's because she will blow you away...this is what I was HOPING to see.....I'm SO ANGRY WITH YOU ALL RIGHT NOW! That's beautiful Nicole. You get an A."


I've only completed 2 assignments in that class all semester and I get an A on this, and she says I have an A in the class. w00t!

I don't want to do this again though, the research alone made me want to throw up...all those vessels and veins...*Gag*. At least the lung was the least threatening. And to think, I used to not be like this and was aspiring to be a doctor 0_o
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