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Survey thingymajigger stolen from joeypoey

Name you sign your pieces with: LND, my innitials
Avatar character: Thornwolf

Style you draw in: What style DON'T I draw in or will eventually try?
Fav. Traditional Media: Watercolor and colored pencils and pastels.
Fav. Digital Media: Photoshop

Have you ever...
Sold your work: Quite a few times *thanks her patrons*
Been to a convention: One really lame one
Sold work at a convention: Noperz
Been given gift art: Yep! Got a collection of it
Been given a con badge: Technically yes, (thank you dragoncreator)
Been given either one of those two by someone who you didn't know: Gift art, yeah.
Done a commission: Yep.
Done an art trade: Yep.

What archives are you on, if any?: DA, Yerf, YNA and VCL which I don't update at all anymore
Do you have a website for your art?: No =(
Do you have a sketch/art blog? No, but then again I'd like to find out how many people come to my journal for solely the art..I'll put a poll up and see if its worth making.

Would you consider yourself popular? Been told I am, but with who? I have yet to see that..
Do you get a lot of fanmail? Surprisingly yes, but most of it is in another language. =P
What's your most famous character? Thorn
What did you think of this survey? It Ok.
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