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i feel that i am losing the best things i have in my life right now. how is it that one day i can feel i am on top of the world, and the rest can come crashing down in an instant? i seriously fear for the future and what it may bring. i dont want my worst fears to come true. to the "freshman" who decided to get involved in my life. you are not welcome here. you are nothing to me, and im not gonna allow you to bother me. this post is NOT about you or any related incident. its something completely different, so turn tail and run right now, you coward. to my like to say i appreciate all youve done for me. right now im talking to jenny..shes helping me out a little....but i still feel miserable. im going to be taking a 3 day break from the internet. i will only come online to check my auctions and MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE update my journal. but in all honesty, i think that the less im online, the better the chance of my problems being solved. right now, i think im going to crawl into a hole and figure out how i screwed things up so badly. im seriously scared right now.....its not school related...its just life related. i appreciate any kind words anyone has given me, they are much appreciated. right now i just need to take this time to think of what direction my life is going right now, who i want in it, and who i dont, and who and what i may be losing if i make the wrong decisions. goodbye all. ill be okay....i think.
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