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Mmm tasty

East coasters, wondering what to do with all those cicadas?

Bust out the BBQ sauce and have at it :

mmmmmmmm.... *gag* I'm so glad I'm on the west coast right now.

Im so exhausted this morning. I am NEVER able to sleep in!! No one leaves me alone, whether its the Jehova's Witnesses stalking me *yes, they're stalking me, they keep leaving my envelopes with MY NAME on them at my doorstep if I don't answer...* Or Elisha telling me to move my car, or my dog asking to go outside..I can't sleep in anymore =(

*puts a pillow over her head* someone just give me some Nyquil so I can sleep the day away.

I'm going to the beach on Monday. Need to get a little color so you can't see through my skin *eeeewww*. Too bad tiffalynx can't go...I haven't seen her in forever and of course our beach day is also her dad's b-day, but ah well. I understand.

I'm in the process of making a new character, maybe I'll draw her a little today. I also have another one in the lineup, but its really lame and I don't think it will go anywhere.

Sorry I keep updating. I'm just really really bored =P

*edit* apologies for the LJ icon, its not the most flattering picture of me and I "looka lika man!"
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