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good to go - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
good to go
okay, sorted things out.
Talked to my wuff pup, he always makes me feel good. =D

you may be saying "boy, that was fast" and yes...yes it was...but..all the better i say.
as for my break that still stands. i shouldnt on that much anyhow.

heres an update on what im working on for those of you who have wondered:

Finished Works: I need to scan these..sorry for the wait
Pardo's Commission
Bloodhound Omega's Trade

Works in Progress:
Xian's Birthday present....betcha cant wait eh?
Michele's Balto-ish commission (basic form sketch)
Jerry's commission ( sketches and positioning )
Starfinder, random piccy i need to finish inking

Things that need to get started on asap:
Kitsune25's plush trade/character drawing trade, should start that soon
Simion Lonewolf's character sheets and book illustrations.

Things that need to be mailed:
Winter's money order
money order for my dreamcatcher i won
Snow's necklace *yet again i have failed to do so*
Tav's care package with weird little trinkets ive found, was supposed to arrive shortly after the 11th, eep.

Keeping busy as usual. =)

im feeling really inspired lately, be expecting a lot more art.

Current Mood: artistic artistic

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silver_huskey From: silver_huskey Date: September 17th, 2002 02:28 am (UTC) (Link)
Someone has to say it. Boy that was fast! XD But seriously, don't overdo it! :) It's your choice, but I'd suggest taking the break. Everyone needs a little mini-vaction every now and then.

And I never put my input in as far as the t-shirts did I? I think you did the right thing Thorn. If you had of made the shirts you would have been heckled by those who barely knew you, but wanted a shirt anyway. Err that's my two cents, now i'm broke. ^^;
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