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*ahem* some shout outs to the homies

katarina42 YES THANK YOU SO MUCH I got the drawing. Its GORGEOUS =D And thank you so much for the super-spiffy print ;) I showed it off to mom and my friend Liz. Oh, and check your inbox. Sorry I didn't write back, AOL kicked me off and I just said "eh screw it". THANK YOU =D

xianjaguar Thank you again so much for the print! It arrived safely and unbent, best bet I ever won ;) Your new stationary is so adorable!

westly your charm I found you came in the mail and I'll be sending that to you shortly.

As for everyone else, I'm very busy so I'm not going to be available online for the next few days *plus I'm leaving town* so I most likely wont respond to my IM's. I'll ttyl though, promise! =)
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