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see what i can do when im not in school?

I wasnt feeling quite myself, rather sedated for some reason. i couldnt keep my eyes open, so i asked mom if i could stay home to sleep. she didnt want me behind the wheel anyway *makes sense* so i got to snooze a bit.

I pretty much just woke up, went online and saw my wuffy boy. well that always cheers me up *grins* he called me earlier this morning as he was going to class. hes such a sweetie =)

anyhoo, this is what i got done today scanning-wise.

This is Bloodhound Omega's trade:

And of course, the long awaited Pardo Nightwalker commission =)

I really hope ya like it Pardo! just say the word and ill put it on some cafepress items for ya =)

okay, now im gonna do some drawing like im supposed to.
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