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Zoo - Files (heh, get it? ew)

gearpony and I went to the zoo today to sketch the animals and take some reference photos for future use. I did a couple of sketches, with I may upload later. I havent been uploading many pics because I absolutely hate scanning.
We had a lot of fun, and although it was pretty hot, we didn't get burned at all, so that is always good. I went off my diet a little yesterday, but thats okay cuz I'm going to be really strict about it for the rest of this next week. I had packed myself a lunch but all I had were plastic bags to put it in, and I had a plastic bag of ice to keep it cool, but I didn't take condensation to account so it was dripping in my backpack so I had to throw it away =P Well..not had to, but i wasnt hungry just then so...meh.

Its so funny when we'd start to draw things, the little kids were like "ooooooh loook they're drawing stuff!" and would hover over our shoulders. Sometimes it was annoying, but most of the time it was pretty amusing. It was also pretty hilarious to see what they'd say when viewing an animal. When we were at the okapi pen, people were like.

"what is /that/?"
"I don't know!"
"looks like half horse half giraffe and half zebra"
"no, its part horse and part zebra"
"but it says its related to the giraffe"
"but its got zebra stripes!"
"lets go find out what it is!"

lol! I sometimes forget not everyone knows as much about animals as someone who, say, is in the furry community =P Since we were drawing them, people always seemed to ask us what the animals were.

them:"do you know what this is?"
me: "forest buffalo"
them: "HORSE buffalo?"
me: "no, forest buffalo, as in woodlands. forest."
them: "oh....hey honey! its a horse buffalo!"
wife: "where is it from?"
them: "ask her she knows"

Of course, going to the zoo means I'm open to feed my stuffed animal addiction..yes..I'm horribly addicted >_< must have them all! I expanded my wolf collection by buying a wolf/husky backpack at the polar bear plunge gift shop. They had other wolf stuffed animals but i thought the face on this backpack was reallycute, not to mention I could wear it to a con (should I ever go...meh)
I also bought a little plastic red burro (I'm starting to collect donkies, preferably red ones. I love havasu burros! gearpony gave me one of her model donkies and we're going to paint it up like my new character which is a havasu burro) and *drumroll please* a really fine quality hyena plushie for only 18 bucks!! The cape hunting dog one of the same quality was 36, and while it was pretty, it wasnt really AS pretty as the hyena one, so now I have my very own yeener. =)

Some of the animals were being gross's what some of em did that made me pretty uncomfy:

-The bears were trying to do it
-One of the female sables took a piss and the male was drinking her pee like a waterfountain *GAG!!*
- The polar bear came up to the front of the enclosure and took a dump in its own water and the audience all when "AAAUUUUGHHH!!" and since half of their enclosure is an underwater view, we got a nice front row seat >_<
-The brown bears did the same

Lucky for us, the rhino didn't spray/pee like it did the last time when Tavis and I went. They removed the really funny looking sign that says "please stay 20 feet away from rhino rear" with a pic of a cartoon rhino spraying from its butt. ah well, i think i have a pic of that somehwere from when tav and I went. I'll have to look around.

So, all in all it was very fun. Living so close to the zoo is really awesome and I should really take advantage of it while I can.

ATTENTION: Here are some really good reference photos I have taken that anyone may use. Please just e-mail me or comment if you wish me to send them to you (ONE SPECIES AT A TIME PLEASE). They are fairly large, so if you can think of a way to make it less of a hassle on my part, please let me know.

tree kangaroos
tapirs (the brown kind...gearpony got pics of the black and white kind)
anatomy of a bird wing (which I will put on Yerf for other's reference)
hippo skull
a cow of sorts
reindeer antlers
polar bear (lots)
some zebra pics *mostly from the rear, but I have some semi-side shots too*
giraffe (lots!)
rock hyrax (one pose didnt wanna move)
2 cape hunting dog pics
brown bear (lots! including a couple of you know)
lionesses (they were sleeping but I think they're good rest/feet references)
hyacinth macaw
red macaw (don't know species name.. but the kind people keep as pets)
2 regular sheep pictures (petting zoo)
white pigeon faces
some weird round bird that had black with tiny white polkadot feathers and a blue and red skin head..*don't know species name, if anyone wants to help me out on that one...i have lots of those available as well)

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