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Tav and Nicole get haircuts!

Well, in the prospect of a new job, Tavis cut all of his luxurious Silent Bob hair off, now he looks like regular ol' Kevin Smith *giggle* sans the glasses and oversized jersey of course. This inspired me to get a new summer 'do as well, considering I wasn't feeling my long curly locks were making me look professional, they just made me look a lot younger than I am =P (not good when you're the youngest employee in the building and expect to be treated as one of the crowd).

So, without further hairdo..I mean..ado...*joke joke* here's my new haircut, complete with before pics! =)

Click here, but please excuse my sunburned face from my Havasu trip *weep*

gah its so drastic, but after being at the zoo yesterday and realizing how freakishly hot it is for the beginning of June, it had to be done. My hair is much too thick and heavy at that length for it to stay up in a ponytail =P
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