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I'm free I'm free I'm free =D

Well, free from living here in the big yellow house that is. Dad and I just got an appartment together, well, its actually my appartment *its in my name* and dad's listed as a roommate, and all the furniture will be mine. We did it this way so I could A: maintain some independence and B: earn some credit without the high risk of potentially damaging it, which is very very scary.

I'm excited! They take pets, so Jesse isn't an issue, they have a pool and they are closer to work and its located a straight shot from gearpony's house. =D

I just gotta tell Jason and Elisha and give them my notice, although I told them most likely by the 15th I'll be out, my move in date for this place is the 10th. I gotta start looking for couches and basic furniture so we're not sitting on the ground for too long, but at least I'll have my bedroom set squared away.

Jason and Elisha are nice people, and I wish them luck on their wedding night, but I can't take anymore of the fighting/slamming doors, drunk neighbors playing hockey in the street at 1 AM, constant smell of pot smoke that seeps through my open window and the having to move all my friends into my room if Elisha wants to use the livingroom when I have guests over. It was nice, and I got to see what it was like to live on my own, but its not really doing anything for me and my current situation with work and school.

I'm so excited!!!! Oh, and even though this song made the VH1 most awesomely bad songs list, i still think it rocks..

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