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I like it here in my new apartment complex, despite what all the "rate an apartment" websites said about there being drug dealers all over the place and the cops coming by all the time ( I have yet to see that, I think its a bunch of hype). I went to the pool to get some exercise and there was a guy with his young 8 year old daughter and her friend there. The dad was in the spa, so I stayed in the pool and did a few laps before going into the spa to warm up before walking home.

We got to talking small talk, he's a very nice guy and a 4th grade teacher and his daughter was absolutely adorable, although annoying to a degree. Long story short, he said "hey, there's a bar down the street, wanna go out and get a couple of beers?" I said "thanks but I'm underage", and he goes..and get this...."Oh seriously? How about ice cream then?"

0_o ummmmmmm....k. You'd think the fact that I said "I'm underage" would deter him, since he didn't know if I mean't underage for drinking or underage in general...*at first he had asked me if i was still in highschool and I said just graduated* Sure I often have an affinity for older men but good god, I'm not wanting to be the 19 year old step mom of some dude's kid right now thankyouverymuch.

That's it, from now on I'm telling everyone I'm 15...although that doesn't usually stop the 70 year olds. (I'm NOT joking, ask me about it sometime and I'll tell you that story)

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