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i love my digital camera and I hate it. it eats batteries SO FREAKING FAST! literally. i use the rechargable double A's and it sucks em dry in minutes after a few hours of charging. Either way, I got a couple of pictures of that poster I wanna sell so when i charge up my camera again i'll plug em in and upload to furbid *grumble* I hope someone wants it. Its currently taking up the frame I wanna use for my Invasion of the Body Snatchers poster.

gearpony came over yesterday and we did absolutely nothing. We were originally going to go to the pool and the gym but we voted against exercising and watched the Breakfast Club and High Fidelity while eating pizza instead. Nummerz =) John Cusack and Judd Nelson are so hot! *okay maybe just Judd Nelson's hair*

I gotta clean up the house while dad is in Havasu and organize all my stuff. I found some more artwork related items I could sell aside from some Christmas ornaments. I hope people will be interested. I might post the auctions either today or tomorrow.

Much thanks to katarina42 for calling me last night and telling me about the deadline for submitting art to AC. I'm not sure if I got a confirmation notice, since all my mail is at my mom's house, *dammit!* but im gonna go get my stuff matted today anyway. Sadly if I did get accepted, I'll only have 3 pieces to sell *le sigh* maybe a 4th but I'm debating. Once I get a list together and give mom a call to verify that I have mail from AC then I'll state which art will be there etc. *sigh* I hate living so far away from everything now...argh! Oh, and AC should really give you a bit more time between when they tell you you're accepted and when you have to send your stuff by. shit.

Ok gonna go get Jesse groomed and go to Michaels to get my shiznit matted. What say you guys, is it a good idea to put a tracing paper cover over the actual matted art for shipping purposes or will they know to remove it once it gets there?

input much appreciated.

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