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Sorry for the vague post, I woke up in a really weird mood this morning, more silly than anything really (mostly from lack of sleep im sure) and then quickly fell back asleep shortly thereafter. Nothing beats a false start in the morning and now I'm all groggy from my nap. Im supposed to be cleaning house today, in fact I was supposed to do that all weekend but with gearpony here nothing like that ever gets done.

Last night, for example, we stayed up until like, dawn or something.After she left, I personally didn't go to sleep until 5:30...or was it 6?

We got a chance to catch ruggels on AIM, so that was really fun and amusing =) We all talked about Yerf and things that irk us most about the furry fandom..and lots of other misc. things. Thanks for not minding the harassment Scott!

Unfortunately last night I also found out I have a Trojan virus on my computer. Norton was unable to quarantine the file, access has been denied and it cant be deleted. I havent tried to find the file itself, since I don't know how. Any techies out there know of anything I can do?

God I could really go for some mexican food right about now..or cereal, but I might just end up ordering a pizza since I don't want to go out at all..I'm nizasty. Yeah I forgot to take a shower, I fell asleep on the couch before I could get my towels =P

Also a note about AnthroCon: I am very sad to say that my art will not be there this year. I took poeticdragon's suggestion and went to Aaron Brothers to have my artwork matted, but not is it only freakishly expensive (they wanted 45 fucking dollars for one 11X14 piece), they had a 10 day waiting period and there were no rushes, since it was first come first serve. When I had called in and asked them how much it would be to mat an 11X14 drawing they said 15 bucks. Right, makes me wonder where the 15 bucks came from. *sigh*. I bought some mat board and attempted to do it myself, but I HATE doing it, and I don't have enough time to do a quality job and a rush job just wastes money. So, bottom line, I'm not sending anything in. I'm upset about it, yes, but maybe I'll put one or two of the pieces up on furbid and see what happens. God I'm bummed out, but those mofos at anthrocon should seriously give people a little more than a 10 day window between getting the letter of confirmation and the date to send stuff out. I mean, I don't wanna be spending money on matting and framing if they don't have room for me and whatnot.

oh and a big thanx to mersades for letting me snag her clerk's Icons.

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