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arrghhh! nothings working out


I want to go to ComiCon but i missed the pre-registration date by 2 days. plague_dog says that the line to buy tickets at the door is hella long and i should go early the first day. Now, I wouldnt mind doing that, but the first day is a Thursday and I work during the week. I don't know if i can ask for Thursday off to go stand in line..especially if im asking for 2 weeks off in August to go see Bad Religion on Randal's Island in NY/check out apartments near Pratt

ARGH ARGH ARGH!! Well, maybe I just wont go then..or wait all day saturday for a one/two day pass *sigh*

Any ideas anyone?

Oh and a bit of randomness for the day...

Randy (our homeland security dude): Hey, Nicole, do we make a CS1-4.1? (a vest we supposedly make)
Me: I have no idea, but the real question here is, do I smell like kitty litter?

Swear to god..everything smells like kitty litter to me and i dont even own a cat!!!
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