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eeeeek! XD

...Anyways..I'm so excited for ComiCon. THANK YOU SO MUCH SCOTT!!! *hugs hugs hugs hugs!!*

I wish the con was tomorrow.

Makes me wonder if I should dress up for this one like I did last time. Gutter, feel like getting into your Silent Bob costume early? ;D *ponders* For comfort sake maybe I'll just dress like I normally do with my ripped cutoffs and sandals...

but you better believe there might be creative henna involved =>

Reagan, be sure to ask your mom if you can use her cellphone so we can hook up. I wanna make sure we all get together at some point....

must bring money for View Askew-ness! *bounce bounce bounce*

Okay time for bed for me!

And Scott, its sage green, not army green dammit! *loves her couch*
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