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Halloween Costumes....Help!

I need to figure out a halloween costume this year! but i need one thats low cost and preferably animal related.
last year i was edward scissorhands. that was a chore in itself! it took over a month complete and cost over 80 bucks to make! jeeze! talk about devotion =P
heres pics..dont laugh please. i look like a man and my makeup is horrible. all time went into the costume, and i look fat! EW!
ah well, its supposed to be scary, its halloween isnt it?

anyhoo, this year i was thinking of being a native american wolf spirit guide. i would have a talking stick and a mask and some feathery things on my wrists and ankles. then as for my body i think id just wear my cutoff pants *theyre all ruffly looking* and for a shirt i dunno. any ideas? i can go to the thrift shop and look for some stuff, but i gotta keep in mind that california autumn at night is a tad chilly. not too bad, but enough that i cant be running around in a tank top and shorts.

i really need help with this one. unless you guys can figure out something else that would be a better idea. it would be much appreciated =)
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