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The art of Thornwolf
good day
in animation...i did.......NOTHING!!! YEAH! thats right nothing. and it was good =)

at break, had a great time talking with my buds....
oh my god..this is horrible..do not read this if you are under 16 please...

Tavis told me about an article he read about a new Harry Potter toy. It was a mock up of the Nimbus 2000 brook that Harry had and it was a cool toy. it made sounds, lit up and....even.....vibrated. yes..vibrated. Then, parents were writing the company saying how much they loved the toy...and saying their kids loved it. they also said the GIRLS seemed to like it more than their sons did, and the only problem with it was, is that it ran out of batteries way too fast. o_O they werent putting 2 and 2 together until someone finally said something about it....THEYRE LITTLE GIRLS FOR GODS SAKE!! dirty little girls *shudder*
harry potter has a new use for his "magic" i guess?

so my friends and i laughed about all that until screen printing class. screen printing was good, got to meet up with the usual morons at my table. i try not to talk to them. theyre pleasant and everything but they frustrate me to no end with their mindless jabber.

we somehow got into a discussion about clerks/kevin smith and i got to brag about my Red Bank trip. i had half the class surrounding me asking me questions. i told them the order in which they needed to see the movies
chasing amy
jay and silent bob strike back

and i ranted and raved about clerks and how its the original one and how i love it so much and how i met walt flanagan yadda yadda...
then moron #1 keeps asking me "wait..whats the first movie again? does it start with a C? Cl...Cl...what?"

lunch was a blur. Liz brought lawn chairs for us to sit in under our tree =) i love lounging. then we discussed what we were gonna wear for the giant senior class picture.
every year they get all the seniors together to take a giant senior class picture. some people wear shirts that spell out something. were all gonna do B-L-O-N-D-E - ---> ?
with the arrow pointing to Jenny and have her wearing the question mark. heh, funny =)

5th period, *photography* i got to watch Lord of the Rings again. gawd thats a great movie! i also got to help Em make some prints. she didnt know how, so i showed her the ropes. Travis also came in and kept me company. *yay!*

heard i had a Hong Kong club meeting today. it was supposed to be tomorrow but for some reason they screwed up the schedule. no worries =)
i picked up jenny and we went to michaels and bought the shirts/tape for our BLONDE->? shirts.

went to jennys house to work on the shirts. her boyfriend/my ex came over to visit. i later found out they have sex. didnt need to know that *gag*

so i went out and about, ran some errands, got my checks cashed, got winter's money order *gonna mail that to you*
OH YEAH!! and my balto poster came today! YESSS! its in perfect condition, as expected ;) yaaaay!

i also got a buy-it-now $26 bid on one of my necklaces. that was a shocker, not to mention a great and wonderful surprise! =)

gonna do a trade with aheria for one of her dreamcatcher necklaces.

mailed tav his care package and mailed Snow her necklace. i cant wait to see her half of the trade.

talked to my wuffy today, god i love him so much! *pounces her wuffy boy* hes the best =) i really really really REALLY miss him though. cant wait till he comes out here for thanksgiving.

okie dokie, lots of other good stuff happened to me today , but now im gonna go talk to Silver Huskey =)

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: ugly day- Five Iron Frenzy

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pardouncia From: pardouncia Date: September 19th, 2002 01:38 am (UTC) (Link)
It sounds like it was a good day. So did you get to eat in your Hong Kong Club? That's the only reason I'd join a club, for the food. Forget everything else. Food's all that matters! Lord of the Rings is a good movie. I've wanted to read the books for a long time, but I just don't have the time. Perhaps I'll have done so by the time the third movie comes out. lol I'm glad that one of your necklaces sold. It's always fun to see something sell on an online auction. You want it to and hope it will, but it's still a bit of a surprise when it does. Good luck with the rest of your auctions.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 19th, 2002 05:57 am (UTC) (Link)

Hey! I remember Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back! They're both hilarious movies, especially if you can get past the excessive foul language used in the latter one. (Hey I love foul language -- ask the wife -- but let's face it: With scenes like the one where Jay and Silent Bob sneak away from the cops by pretending to be a gay couple, lines like "This dude LOVES the cock!" are not going to please everyone.) Now I gotta see the other three. Thanks! ^_^ -- Simion Lonewolf
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