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Between plague_dog and gearpony staying over too late and getting sucked into an interesting conversation with ruggels on AIM, I'm beat.

Yesterday was fun, although it took awhile to get everyone over. Ride situations are difficult unfortunately and that I understand. Also, June and the girls came over which was unexpected. I was hoping to get some painting/drawing done but ah well thats okay. I guess i can wait until next time plague_dog comes over, which better be soon. Thanks again for my Queen CD, Reagan, oh how I missed it!

Thanks for hanging out with me you guys =)

plague_dog brought over the Triplets of Belleville to watch. I'm not sure if I liked it or hated it just yet...but good god were the people hideous! It was so freakin' funny though, just the way it was animated. A definite must see if you really wanna say WTF? =D

my stomach hurts again. I'm finding that lately its been happening a lot more. I've been monitoring what I'm eating and drinking and there doesnt seem to be a pattern. ive had nothing but water to drink this morning, so its not least not today it's not. I did have some cheese on my omlette. Lactose-intolerant maybe? god I hope not.

In other news...I cant get over how many guys have been interested in me/flirted with me this month. What gives? *ducks and sprays perfume on self* *ahem* =) *blush* Of course, given my LJ pic I'm sure they'll change their minds and go gay.

Maybe if i take very long blinks it will equal to a full 8 hours of sleep and I'll feel rested.
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