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The art of Thornwolf
Pee Wee Herman-thinking about old news
Do not read if you are underage/do not wanna hear about Pee Wee Herman's odd habits. geeze, with a name like that, i cant believe people were shocked!

I remember when Pee Wee Herman was on the air with that weirdo show. God i loved that show. I was heartbroken when i found out he was arrested.

at the time, mom was like "oh well he showed his pee pee to some people and they got mad" hey, i was young. heh "Pee-Pee Herman"

i also heard some rumors that he was in a bathroom exposing himself. now thats just a little too far fetched..i mean...thats what bathrooms are for right? thats why they call it bathroom humor =P

also i heard that he was exposing himself in an adult theatre.
now think about that for just a second. WHAT are adult theatres for? why are the floors sticky? and no..its not for the popcorn =P why is it so wrong that he was doing what was expected of an adult theatre. what im not sure about is, was he purposely exposing himself to other people? cuz i tell you what, there was an incident at tavs theatre where an old man was wanking off in the britney spears movie and some little girls blew the whistle on him....but thats a general theatre. that shouldnt happen there.
if you guys can fill me in on this id be really appreciated.
as of now, i think it was a stupid reason for him to get arrested. im just glad his career is back on track now. hes awesome =)
as for Robert Downey Jr. well...sometimes i think thats just a lost cause

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