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Yesterday sucked

At work, the day went by so ridiculously slow its not even funny. I'd be busy and then look at the clock and it was only 5 minutes after I last looked at it. The reason I do that is cuz my manager never has anything for us to do so we just sit there and make stuff up. ARGH!

Then, when I was driving home I saw a fire near the freeway. I called gearpony to make sure she was okay since she had a recent fire over there, but luckily it wasnt anywhere near her. Then I heard the radio say it was over by plague_dog's house, so I called him and let him know. Stupid fires...

When I got home dad said that the power was out and had been out since 3 in the afternoon, he was waiting for it to get turned back on, so we both took naps in the livingroom before tackling our after-work "clean up the house" duties. When we woke up, the power still wasn't turned back on so we went out to eat, fearing that other neighborhood businesses wouldnt have power. We went out and noticed EVERYONE had power except us, that's when dad said "Nicole....did you call the power company and set up our account?"

..Uh..yeah I sure as hell did. I even have the account number to prove it.

So we ate pizza and I was stressing over what could have been wrong. THe power company didn't ask for a deposit which I found very very very strange. We called them and sure enough "your power has been shut off due to lack of payment." Payment? Payment for what? I haven't lived here long enough to have a full on bill sent. "Your deposit. Didn't you get it in the mail?" No I haven't gotten ANYTHING in the fact I don't even have a mailbox yet!!

The reason for this is because when we moved in we were given a checklist sheet which is a rundown of things that are wrong with the apartment before we move in. If i dont turn in that sheet, i dont get my mailbox keys. I turned in the sheet but they didn't have both my keys ready and still owe me one. So, the power company has been sending mail to an inactive mailbox. LOVELY!!

I went to the mailbox and sure enough..tons of mail came spilling out, along with my angry final notices. So, dad and I fumbled around in the dark, left the dog home, and went to June's. I called the power company and theyre supposed to turn everything on today, with no damage to my credit (thank GOD!!!)

And I still think its absofuckinlutely ridiculous that i A: still havent gotten my additional mailbox key and B: that they hold our keys hostage until we turn in that stupid ass checklist...which might I add, would only harm me and my damage report if i didn't turn it in.

Great. Just great.

Well, I took off work today so i can get this mess cleared up and I need to go to the school to get my student ID number. heres to hoping i can get into any classes. *grumble*

*edit* oh..and I got a stomachache and heartburn from that pizza. Yayness
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