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scooby doo, get a clue! getting tired of scooby doo. never thought id say it but after the movie things just started sucking.

im watching the old show right now and theyre talking about a castle called "Franken-castle" and theyre talking about WEREWOLVES living in TRANSYLVANIA. ya THINK theyre getting their monster movies mixed up?

velma, you are SO a lesbian. just get over it and kiss daphney already. Fred, stop pairing off with Daphney when you say "lets split up gang", we all know what youre doing. stop keeping Velma away from her love. im surprised you even think youre gonna get a girl with that prep school look youre sporting
Scooby and Shaggy, i SAW that episode of Harvey Birdman attourney at law, i KNOW youre high, we saw the clips in court! sure your buds deny it, but look at them, Fred's wearing an ascot! that could be considered gang colors! Velma wears a sweater rain or shine and daphney, im sorry but that go go look is all wrong for you. get over it and get with the times! and for gods sakes, get into rehab =P weed isnt good for dogs, and niether is whatever else youve been doing on the side. yeah....that wasnt flour you found in the old mill when you were looking for the miner forty niner or whatever kinda crack pot "ghost" you were looking for...Scooby, sounds like everyone stumbled onto your stash!
"Ruh Roh! Rand i Rould have Rotten Aray Rith it if it werent For you Reddling Kids!"
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