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*tummy growls*

Thorn hungry..THORN WANT EAT!!

I slept through breakfast this morning, im figuring if i get back to my regular 2 1/2 meals a day instead of my more recent 6 I'll lose weight. RAR!

Can't wait to go to SeaWorld =) I won't be online tonight cuz ims taying at moms house. she's gone for the next 2 weeks and im going to be much too tired to drive back from San Diego.

Dad and June and the girls went to the beach..*whine*...and they made pudding cake *WHINE!!!* but hopefully they'll save me some cuz they're nice like that.

I think I'm going to go make myself some eggs....OH! i forgot to mention!

Dad and I have this microwaveable egg poacher thing, and I was showing him how to use it (i've used it before and it worked) but then we heard this "BAM!" and the eggs had exploded all over the microwave. I literally fell on the ground laughing my ass off and couldn't get back up, meanwhile dad's yelling at me to clean it up..I don't know whta was so funny..its just eggs exploding but DAMN! *giggles just thinking about it*

Oh..made some new user icons. *wiggles ass*
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