An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans


Well. So much for decaf/sugar free coffee. Talked to Tavis today and apparently Sweet 'n' Low causes cancer and from my research, diet pepsi can kill you. I don't want to get ill/die from something I hate drinking anyways so i guess ill just stick to water. *gag*

I'm going to stick to sugar and get fat. >_< Hopefully no one finds anything wrong with splenda.

Had major cramps yesterday...felt like i was going to puke and still do.

I'm really tired and I don't know why. I have a hard time getting tired when I'm supposed to and staying asleep all through the night. I don't have caffeine before bedtime (i've given up caffeine for the most part) yet im still wide awake.

I'm hungry. I could sure go for a salad right about now...and some crunches.

By the way, am I the only one who hears "Eye of the Tiger" playing in their head while they're exercising? I know I do.
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