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Thorn TEH ART NAZI !!!!

HUUUUUGE thanks to ruggels for the spiff-tastic LJ icon!!! Its bitey ;) *feels evil*

okay now heres the completely contradictory part of my post (god how innapropriate):

guess what i found when cleaning out moms garage?

MY GRANDPA'S WW2 MEDALS!!!! ;_; Oh my god I've never been so happy to find something in all my life. He gave them to me when i was 8 and i thought i lost them...but i found them! Gram and i will get them framed along with his flag from his funeral with the shells from his 21 gun salute. *hand over heart*

Miss you gramps...I'll find a way to honor you the way you deserve. Hang your shtuffs on mah wall in a frame! =D
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