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This morning I woke up screaming. I hate getting charlie horses in the middle of the night..its like I just lie in bed twisting and squirming in pain and I can't move. I screamed for help but dad couldn't hear me over his snoring so I hobbled into his room and he massaged the knot out of my leg. Good god is that painful! I'm still limping =(

My alarm also didn't wake me up this morning, so not only did I wake up screaming, I woke up late. For a Bose radio my alarm feature seems to crap out on me way too much by just not activating *grumbles*.

I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to my buddy plague_dog Go do something fun! No seriously. If you wanna come over and celebrate this weekend lemme know =)

gearpony I have to empty the boxes out of my dads truck into the garage before I come over, so it will probably be early evening when I'm free. I'll keep you posted. Thank god its a weekend, since I never seem to leave your house early >_<

I'd really like to get some drawing done this weekend. No. seriously. I really need to get some work done. If you see me online ask me "why aren't you drawing?!"

I wanted to enter this weeks trading post since Sendiri is such a cool character but I've been pretty overwhelmed with stuff in everyday life. *whew*

I'd like to do a painting. Yes, katarina42 the one you sold your body for.. =D I have some good ideas for it i just hope i can pull it off. I'm awful at painting but i still find it relaxing. Interesting, no?
Does anyone have a good strategy for transfering a sketch onto canvas?

Speaking of canvas, I found a buttload of canvases in my mom's garage. Its awesome! I can't believe how many there are and they're all different sizes *SQUEE!* There's a bunch of small ones so I think I might do something with those. Very very nifty ;)

I got an American Body Armor duffel bag for free the other day. Its small enough that I think I might bring it to SDCC to put my free stuff and sketchbooks in instead of just my purse and carrying things in my arms like I did last time. I don't wanna look like a tool though. Its a neat logo, its got an armadillo with a bullet ricochet-ing off of him. Get it? Armor-dillo? =D *snort snort snort*

I splurged last night and had 2 shirley temples, but I've been really good today. Maybe I can go swimming this weekend and get some exercise. I will.

Draw draw draw draw draw draw!!

Oh one more thing....

jenwolf and lupusetgruis, received both your payments for the beanie babies, theyre packed and ready to go this weekend. Be on the lookout! Thanks so much =)

poeticdragon did you ever get the 5 LJ icons I sent you? Opinions? Should I continue with those or do you have something you'd like me to change?

Anyone else I'm forgetting as far as status of your trade/commission/shipment etc please comment and let me know whats up. I've been kind of absent minded lately and I apologize.
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