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Okay, Thorn is an absolute moron.

Today I was home watching Discovery Channel (Polar Bear vs. Walrus OMG!!) and I wanted to make myself a sandwich. There was deli turkey in the fridge and I opened it and noticed it was a bit gooey. Now, having been raised on pre-packaged lunchmeat for most of my life, I thought the gooeyness was a side-effect of some kind of preservative. I did not, unfortuntaely think "hrm..gooey = DECOMPOSITION!", so I sniffed it, but I seem to have lost my sense of smell over the past few days and didn't notice anything "off" I took a nibble and nearly threw up..but kept it down..then threw the rest of it away since I know normal food is not supposed to make me gag.

Now, that turkey worked its way through my digestive system, and I now have food poisoning. A light case, mind you, but enough to make me feel like I'm about to spit up a bucket of half-digested pizza and have a stomach ache that has me paralyzed.

I hate my brain sometimes, it never works when I want it to. *smacks forehead* Apparently "testing" food to see if it bad means "taste it, if I gag, thats a bad sign."

In other news, i got myself a new bedspread!! it looks byoot-ee-ful. Dad and I also built a leaning bookshelf which is also very very nifty. It took us three hours to build because the instructions were retarded and we ended up glue-ing a lot of things on backwards. >=/

Looks fine though...honest injun.

Thanks for calling me snowwolfmystic!!! I talked to my dad and he said it wouldn't be a problem at all for me to come into work early and take off early during the week so i can get up there before traffic starts. just lemme know your schedule and we'll hang =)

Okay, gonna go ralph now..i think...*hurk*
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