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ART!! Uuuuuuunicoooorn!

So I was hanging out at gearpony's house last night and we were listening to The Last Unicorn soundtrack and it got me to thinking about the new live action movie thats coming out. I'm so super excited for that but I have a horrible feeling its going to suck, especially since they're being very unoriginal and basing the costumes/design off of the cartoon *which i loved* instead of coming up with thier own new and original ideas. I think that would be far more interesting much as I worshipped that toon.

I really despise the designs they have for the red bull currently though, as they remind me of those gatekeeper/keymaster horned dog beasts from Ghostbusters. Please tell me you people know what I'm talking about...that is NO way to draw a bull thankyouverymuch >_<

Anyhoo, I drew a quick rendition of the red bull...not what I had in mind but its okay for a 5 minute doodle. I figured if they're going to tweak its anatomy so its not even a bull anymore, I can too.

I also did some quickie/crap storyboards just because the music made me feel creative. I assure you, this isn't my normaly storyboarding style, I'm usually much..well..neater? Bleh.

Anyhoo..I sure hope they don't ruin my good memories of this movie from my childhood by making a mockery of it...please...PLEASE be good!
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